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American Woodturner 36 issue 1
February 2021
  • Functional Vase From a Board: Dennis Belcher offers a way to make a beautiful vase from a single board—no hollowing required.

  • Clean Your Shop! Having dealt with many workshops of turners who passed away and left behind an unorganized mess, Dale Larson offers some valuable advice.

  • “Twisted” Napkin... Details
American Woodturner 36 issue 2
April 2021
  • Make a Steam Punk Pen - Learn to cast almost anything in a pen blank and go from pen turning to pen making, by Mark Dreyer.

  • An Accurate Bowl-Depth Gauge - Have you hollowed that bowl deep enough? Michael Pinto shows how to know for sure.

  • Turn a Wooden Tea Strainer - Make this functional kitchen... Details
American Woodturner 36 issue 3
June 2021
  • Dave and Karen Long: 2021 AAW Honorary Lifetime Members - This year’s AAW Honorary Lifetime Member Award goes to Dave and Karen Long, collectors and advocates for the field. Kurt Hertzog pays homage.

  • A Modern Lamp for Any Table - The perfect skill-building project, this elegant lamp is turned in short sections and does not require a long lamp auger, by Carl Ford.

    ... Details