Safety for Woodturners

Safe Woodturning is Fun Woodturning!

A little time spent with this book will help you build strong skills at the lathe while helping you learn best woodturning practices.

With this book, you’ll learn about:

  • faceshields and other essential personal protective gear
  • collecting dangerous wood and sanding dust before you inhale it
  • safety at the grinder while sharpening turning tools
  • best practices for both spindle and faceplate turning
  • bandsaw and chainsaw setup and safe use from the woodturner’s perspective
  • fitness and first aid in the workshop

Since 1986, American Woodturner has been a genuine treasure trove of practical and reliable information written by woodturners for their fellow woodturners. Safety for Woodturners is the first book in an on-going series being extracted from this authoritative source. Safety for Woodturners is available as a 64-page printed book or as a digital download readable on all your electronic devices.

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