2018 Out of the Woods: Traditional Form Revisited

This international exhibition of small scale sculptural works, is the thirteenth in a series of exhibitions showcasing work by talented established and emerging artists in wood. Turning has its roots solidly planted in functional form, but has been moving into the realm of pure sculpture since early in the last century.

As we come up on one hundred years since the beginning of that evolution, there have been several generations for whom revisiting traditional form is not to move toward sculpture, but to return to function or classic shapes. The range of interpretations in the 30-plus works on display is broad and imaginative, and draws on humor, the vagaries of fortune, innate talents, and extraordinary technical skills, offering viewers a "visit" with some of the most creative minds in woodturning and woodworking today.


  • Full color
  • Soft cover
  • 40 artists
  • Twelfth in a series
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