Starting a New Chapter



Become an integral part of the largest woodturning organization in the world. The AAW meets one of its objectives (providing "organization" to those interested in woodturning) by providing resources to help you form a new local chapter. Below, are resources to support you in forming a new local chapter. Successful chapters are those whose leaders are bothpassionate and committed.If you have questions, we are available to assist, please contact us by phone or email.

Services and Support Provided by AAW to Chapters

Educational Resources

Receive counseling and materials to assist in chapter membership and programs.

Provide a link to a broad network for mentoring, problem-solving, critique, exhibit opportunities, selling opportunities, trade and purchase of woods, and a forum for information exchange

Receive frequent email communications from the AAW about important national and local chapter activities.

  • Chapter Officers Bulletins

Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and knowledge about woodturning.

  • AAW Forum 
  • AAW Chapter Groups

Be eligible to apply for AAW Educational Opportunity Grants, available to local chapters every year.

Access to reasonable cost insurance

  • AAW Chapter Insurance 
  • AAW member insurance: Business, Health, Liability


Organization Materials for Starting a Chapter

Locate and form an interested core group. Reach out to your community. Contact AAW headquarters and chapters in your area for guidance and support.

Read an introduction prepared by the AAW Membership & Chapters Committee Chair.


Establish a set of bylaws from which your local chapter will be organized.

Establish Chapter organizational structure and officer duties.

  • Role of Chapter Officer - President 
  • Role of Chapter Officer - Vice-President 
  • Role of Chapter Officer - Secretary 
  • Role of Chapter Officer - Treasurer 
  • Role of Chapter Officer - Safety Officer (Coming Soon) 
  • Role of Chapter Officer - Communications Officer 
  • Role of Chapter Officer - Program Officer 
  • Role of Chapter Officer - Nominating Committee 
  • AAW Communications Officer Definition

See if there is a local chapter close to you, located throughout the United States and internationally.

AAW local chapters may choose to pursue 501(c) 3 federal and state tax exempt status, offering members the ability to make tax deductible donations.


Process for Establishing and Submitting Bylaws to Become an AAW Chapter

Once you have organized your team and determined the need for a chapter in your area you are ready to establish the chapter. The AAW will follow up soon after the by laws are submitted for support and finalization of your new AAW local chapter.

Conduct a meeting to adopt the bylaws, name the chapter and elect four officers (if the four elected officers are not AAW members, they can join online or call the AAW headquarters)

Email or mail the signed bylaws to the AAW headquarters

The bylaws will be reviewed at the AAW headquarters and when approved

AAW will send a welcome email

AAW will mail the following materials:

  • AAW official welcome letter 
  • AAW local chapter banner 
  • AAW will provide you with membership applications that can be used to advertise your chapter through local woodturning vendors and suppliers.

AAW will post your chapter on the website with the following information

  • Chapter name 
  • Area served 
  • Meeting dates 
  • Meeting locations 
  • Number of chapter member, number of AAW members 
  • Contact information for the chapter 
  • Website (when available)