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WIT Presents is a series of webinars featuring women artists. Through WIT Presents, we endeavor to inspire creativity and create community among women via conversations and interactive studio tours. WIT Presents was created by the AAW WIT Committee during the COVID-19 pandemic as a means to keep women woodturners connected with one another. The format consists of the artist’s presentation of her work, a Q&A session, and a tour of the artist's shop.


New! The WIT After Party will provide an opportunity to see and talk with other attendees after the event.



WIT Presents: Betty Scarpino, June 13, 2020, 4 pm EDT

This session will be limited to 150 participants. Participants must be AAW members. There is no charge for this session. Deadline for registration: June 12, 2020 at noon EDT. New! The WIT After Party will provide an opportunity to see and talk with other attendees after the event.



Comments About Beth Ireland's Presentation

"Thanks ever so much for making it possible for me to catch most of Beth Ireland's webinar. It was truly terrific, and I look forward to seeing the repeat later next week. Thanks so for all the work that went into this program and the many to come. Great, great work and many, many thanks to all of you." Annamarie P.

"You hit it out of the park! If it was communications, everyone listened. If it was education, everyone learned." GS

"Wow. That was a fabulous program. I was expecting woodturning demo, but this was so great. Keep this up and I'm going to want to get Steve to give me lessons. Beth was so interesting and her work is amazing. I'm looking forward to the next one." Linda B.

"That was pretty awesome.”  Dawn H.

"Just blown away. That was truly inspiring. The meeting was great. I don't want to miss any of them." Julie S.

"Good to watch. She is sooooo talented."
Rosanne G.


Share WIT Presents and Grow the Women in Turning Community

The purpose of WIT Presents is to inspire and create community. You can help and here's how:

  • Take small actions. Update your AAW member profile. A good first step is to let people know about you and your work.
  • Make sure all of your contact details and chapter affiliations are up to date.
  • Encourage fellow AAW women members to update their AAW profiles. The WIT Presents email is sent to AAW members that have "female" as the gender indicated on their profile.