The Board and many dedicated members volunteer countless hours to serve the AAW.  Board Committees are designated with an asterisk.

Members wishing to serve on a committee should contact either that committee chair or the Executive Director.

AAW Committees 2020


President, Greg Schramek
Vice President, Janet Collins
Secretary, Kathleen Duncan
Treasurer, Joe Dickey


Vision 2020

Greg Schramek
Louis Vadeboncoeur
Denis Delehanty
Phil McDonald


Women in Turning

Kathleen Duncan, Chair/Board Liaison
Marie Anderson
Dixie Biggs
Linda Ferber
Andi Wolfe
Lynne Yamaguchi
Jean LeGwin
Janet Collins




Ken Ledeen, Chair



John Beechwood, Chair
Rick Baker
Hal Sanders
Mike Hunter



*Bylaws & Policy

Rick Baker, Chair




Kathleen Duncan, Chair
Andy Gunning
David Heim



John Beechwood, III, Chair


Professional Outreach Program

Andy Cole, Chair
John Beaver
David Ellsworth
Mike Mahoney
Tib Shaw
Curt Theobald


Professional Services

Ken Ledeen, Chair



Joe Dickey, Chair



Joe Dickey, Chair Philip Hauser, Member
Ken Ledeen, Member
Margaret Lospinuso, Member
Botho von Hampeln, Member



Janet Collins, Chair


Symposium Demonstrator Selection

Janet Collins, Chair
Jeff Brockett
Andy Cole
Molly Winton



AAW Grants

Jeff Brockett, Chair
Kimberly Glover
Janet Collins
Mike Mahoney
Al Miotke



Molly Winton, Chair
Jeff Brockett, Liaison
Jean LeGwin
George Way
Crystal Earley
Dale Larson



David Heim, Chair
Rick Baker, Liaison



Andy Cole, Chair
Joe Dickey



Rick Baker, Chair


Youth & Special Programs

Larry Miller, Chair
Jeff Brockett, Liaison
Kip Christensen, Member

* Board Committee