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Mark St Leger: Skill Building Projects
  • 90 minute DVD
  • Easy to follow instruction
  • Popular projects include: Toadstool, Candy Stash, Flyhouse, and more!


Master Series: Dale Nish: The Woodturner's Mentor

AAW Master Series: Dale Nish, The Woodturner's Mentor

  • 55 minute DVD
  • Master Series
  • Get to know Dale Nish
  • Inspiring
Master Series: Ed Moulthrop: Woodturning Pioneer

AAW Master Series: Ed Mouthrop, Woodturning Pioneer

  • 55 minute DVD
  • Master Series
  • Family leader
  • Informative
Master Series: Palmer Sharpless

AAW Master Series: Palmer Sharpless, The Johnny Appleseed of Woodturning

  • 55 minute DVD
  • Master Series
  • AAW co-founder
  • Informative
Master Series: Rude Osolnik: Dean of American Woodturners

AAW Master Series: Rude Osolnik, Dean of American Woodturners

  • 55 minute DVD
  • Master series
  • Early craftsman and teacher
  • Insightful
Myron Curtis: Architectural Woodturner and Teacher
  • 90 minute DVD
  • Master Series
  • Woodturning Inspiration
  • Turning instruction includes: Sphere, Holiday Ornament, Rosette, Repousee Mallet, Spindle Duplication, Rounded Architectural Components
  • Get to know Myron Curtis
Robert Rosand: Turning Projects from Scrap

Featured projects include:

  • Confetti Oil Lamp
  • Ring Holder
  • Lidded Box
  • Birdhouse Ornament
  • Christmas Tree Ornament
  • 93 minute DVD

Easy to follow instructions!